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La guerre des six jours et la presse Française

essai d'analyse

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Paul Henriet, "La guerre des six jours et la presse Française", Res Publica, 5, (1974):617-644

    The present essay aims at defining the attitude of the French press towards the conflict of May/]une 1967 between Israel and Arab countries.As a thematic analysis of a representative sample of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, covering bath periods of the preceding diplomatic antagonism and of the actual war, the article comprises a number of quantitative approaches which, as they complement each other, lead to certain conclusions in respect, on the one hand, of the particular newspaper analysed and, on the other hand, of the complete sample under observation. This method makes it possible to bring to light the fundamental pro-Israel and anti-Arab leanings of the sample, as they reflect the pre-existent attitudes of French public opinion. It also reveals that the only pro-Arab and anti-Israel newspaper are those that belang at the far left end of the sample.These factors lead to hypothesize that the disposition which favoured Israel sprung in fact not from any special sympathy towards Jewry, but from a feeling of bond with a mode of civilisation as represented by the Western and pro-Western characteristics of Israel.

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