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Le gel de l'accord d'Athènes

La Communauté et la Grèce

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Spyros Haritos, "Le gel de l'accord d'Athènes", Res Publica, 4, (1979):641-666

    The article analyses the problems raised by the decision of the European Community to «freeze» its relations with Greece following the military takeover on 21 April 1967. The author first outlines the main features of the development of the attitude adopted by Community institutions during the military dictatorship, then attempts to define the economic and political impact of the Community position. He goes on to examine whether the «day-to-day management» of the Agreement influenced the speeding-up of the new Greek government. We know that the Treaty of Accession was signed on 28 May 1979 in Athens. According to the author, the role played by the Community in the seven yearsof the «freeze» (21 April 1967 to 24 July 1974) was an important factor in speeding up Greece's request for accession.

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