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Informatiegaring en meningsuiting in de pers

enkele bedenkingen over de actualiteit van het Belgisch persrecht


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Jan Ceuleers, "Informatiegaring en meningsuiting in de pers", Res Publica, 4, (1989):505-512

    Belgian Constitution needs a face-lifting. The right of information, both active and passive, must be recognized, along with a prohibition ofcensorship; this right implies the right of free communication and freedom of the media. It also implies the abolition of the notion press-delict and of special administration of criminal law. Legislation too has to be actualized: expansion of the right of answer to all means of communication. Furthermore, introduction of the duty of speech for anyone who holds information that may concern the community. Finally, the need for a law protecting the privacy of the citizen, including protection from aggressive use and misuse of data banks, spying pratices and suchlike.

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