DOI: 10.5553/RP/048647002009051003004

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Regie zonder macht, besturen zonder kracht?

Samenwerking tussen lokale besturen en de private sector

Keywords administrative power, municipalities, cooperation, public-private partnerships
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Bram Verschuere and Filip De Rynck, "Regie zonder macht, besturen zonder kracht?", Res Publica, 3, (2009):351-373

    This article examines the relations between local government and the private welfare sector in Flemish municipalities. It argues that because of important transformations in society local governments are dependent on the activities of the private sector to solve social challenges. Within the welfare sector Flemish local governments still have an important role. The question is how municipalities are able to withstand and cope with the power and strength of these private organisations. Maybe the answer lies within professional network management.

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