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The Future Legal Structure of International Law Firms - Is the Experience of the Big Five in Structuring, Auditing and Consulting Organizations Relevant?

Authors Jens Drolshammer
Author's information

Jens Drolshammer
Professor of Law, (Titularprofessor für Angloamerikanisches Recht und Rechtsgeschäftsplanung und -gestaltung), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland; Co-Founder and President of the Commission and Lecturer on Law, Master of European and International Business Law (M.B.L.-HSG) and Master of International Management Programs at St. Gallen University; Partner, Homburger Rechtsanwälte, Zurich, Switzerland. The author thanks Professor Gunter Müller-Stewens, University of St. Gallen for valuable insights into basic issues of organization theory and Professor Frank Vischer, Emeritus of the University of Basel, for valuable insights into organization law. The text is based on the book of Günter Müller-Stewens, Jens Drolshammer, Jochen Kriegmeier, Professional Service Firms (Frankfurt a.M., 1999) pp. 50-80, part of a general introduction Professional Service Firms - Branchenmerkmale und Gestaltungsfelder des Managements. The author started this project during a stay as Visiting Scholar and as a Fellow at the Harvard Law School in the spring term 1999; the cutoff date of this article is March 1, 2000.

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