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Issue 7, 2021 Expand all abstracts

    In the context of global energy crises related to the traditional energy sources, as well as in connection with modern challenges and threats caused by the instability of the world energy markets, there is a necessity to expand and use the objects of energy complex that use renewable energy sources like solar energy.
    Such energy usage can be a reason for different interstate disputes due to the uncertainty in international legal regimes of space energy sources under international space law. Firstly, there is no legal definition of “space resource.” Secondly, the current international space treaties contain only basic principles and norms for regulating this kind of space activity. Finally, there could be many issues related to the responsibility and liability for such a new kind of space activity. This paper will be devoted to the issues mentioned above and to other questions related to this problem.

Irina Chernykh
Department of International Law, RUDN University.

Stanislav Kopylov
Department of International Law, RUDN University.