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African Journal of International Criminal Justice

Africa has been the site of some of the world’s worst atrocities. Africa is also home to some of the most innovative mechanisms, ranging from truth commissions to national and international criminal trials, to address accountability to the perpetrators of violence. Yet, African voices are often marginalized in global conversations about peace, justice and reconciliation. African Journal of International Criminal Justice is a refereed and interdisciplinary scholarly periodical that aims to fill this gap. It is a forum for international criminal law and transitional justice issues in Africa and the developing world as analysed by authors drawn from throughout the continent and the world.

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Prof. Charles C. Jalloh (Founding editor), Margaret DeGuzman, Lansana Gberie, Lucy Hovil, Laurence Juma, Simon Meisenberg, Godfrey Musila, Lydia A. Nkansah, Sarah Nouwen, Chidi Odinkalu, Benson Olugbuo, Harry Rhea, Shakiratu Sanusi, Alpha Sesay, and Yitiha Simbeye