Central Asian Yearbook of International Law and International Relations


Olivier Beauvallet (ed.), Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la justice pénale internationale (Berger-Levrault, 2017), 1052 pp.

Authors Rustam B. Atadjanov
Author's information

Rustam B. Atadjanov
Rustam B. Atadjanov, LLB, LLM, Dr.iur., PhD, is currently an Assistant Professor of Public and International Law at KIMEP University School of Law, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Abstract

      A good encyclopedic dictionary aims at offering a complete description of the topic, with a choice of entries arranged alphabetically and selected to convey a range of knowledge. The “Dictionnaire encyclopédique” under this review deals with international criminal justice and lays out fundamental elements of the modern system of international criminal justice as well as the underlying theory and present practice. The review explains the coverage, purposes, language aspects, and substantive elements of the entries in the dictionary citing several selected examples out of those entries. It also points out some of the missing elements in the dictionary’s content which, if included, could have only benefited the already very well written and edited volume. The main conclusion of the review is that the “Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la justice pénale internationale” represents a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate and mostly up-to-date collection of 250 brief encyclopedic articles which is strongly recommended as a reference tool for legal specialists, jurists, and students.

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