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Le pacte culturel

de sa genèse à son application

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Christian Daubie, "Le pacte culturel", Res Publica, 2, (1975):171-199

    The Belgian Parliament passed in 1973 a law protecting the ideological and philosophical tendencies; this text is a legal translation of an agreement between most of Belgian political parties, the «culturalagreement». The laborious elaboration of this text especially is to be seen in connexion with the existence, since 1970, of autonomous cultural communities. This agreement organizes, in the «cultural» sphere, a protection of ideological and philosophical tendencies, more especially in connextion with political families, according to the traditional approach of the pluralism - more precisely of the plurality - in the Belgian State. The cultural agreement has two objects in view: to prevent and to bring remedies to the discrimination by specific guarantees (rather «negative»). The law institutes an organ of control, a national permanent Commission, with a principally consultative competence. The agreement is protecting at first minorities and majorities, with a political expression; the efficiency of these provisions chiefiy depends on the collaboration and the reciprocal confidence between the «culturalpartners».

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