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Le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Aspects de sociologie politique

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Michel Delvaux and Mario Hirsch, "Le Grand-Duché de Luxembourg", Res Publica, 1, (1976):101-113

    The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg remains largely unexplored as far as social science is concerned. An excellent study in electoral sociology by Jules Gérard-Libois gives interesting insights and points out rather convincingly that Luxembourg is endowed with a political system that has a marked degree of specificity, be it from the point of view of the electoral system, electoral habits or the social structure in general. It shows in particular that owing to the rather peculiar electoral system (ordinal proportional representation system allowing panachage), a large party diversity and a dynamic regionalism is fostered.Consequently, the systematic study of small political entities such as Luxembourg enables a considerable and genuine refinement of political analysis.

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