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Un modèle institutionnel déficient

la communauté européenne

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Daniel Norrenberg, "Un modèle institutionnel déficient", Res Publica, 2, (1976):203-214

    Starting from the seven repulses met with the political union, the author describes the main european institutions and underlines their weaknesses. Awaiting the political union for 1980 he suggests immediate institutional improvements for a better and a more democratie working of the community, actually a rather intergovernmental cooperation: the right for the Parliament to control the use of the own resources since 1975 of the european community and the necessity of a direct election of their members; the nomination in each state of a full occupied minister for european affairs charged with the different problems and assuming a link between the national and european government; the revalorization of the aims of the economie and social committee; a larger application of article 235 of the treaty as it was the case recently for the educational cooperation.

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