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Het optreden van de koning in België, in het bijzonder tijdens regeringscrisissen

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Karel Rimanque and Mark Wouters, "Het optreden van de koning in België, in het bijzonder tijdens regeringscrisissen", Res Publica, 1, (1991):105-129

    In the Belgian constitutional order, there is no room for any direct political powers to be exercised by the King. Even on the occasion of a crisis- when the Cabinet tenders its resignation or when the Kingperforms His constitutional mission in the process towards the formation of a new government; His freedom of action is restricted by the objective context, defined mainly by the political parties. The King, however, retains the possibility of exercising his political influence. This influence may be all the more important in a country, such as Belgium, where the parliamentary system of proportional representation and the constitutional rule that both major linguistic groups be equally represented in the Cabinet -amongst other factors - cause a cabinet formation to be a complex and delicate process.

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