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Vrouwelijke parlementsleden na de verkiezingen van 13 juni 1999

Analyse van de toegang tot een parlementair mandaat


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Kirsten Peirens, "Vrouwelijke parlementsleden na de verkiezingen van 13 juni 1999", Res Publica, 4, (1999):481-498

    The ultimate factor which determines the election offemale MP's (23%) in the 7 Belgian elections of 1999 is the position which women are granted on the list ofcandidates of a political party. 74% of the women won their seat through a "favourable place" on the list. The floating of votes and hence of seats between parties are accountable for 23% of the directly elected women. Only in the case were women are great vote- attractors they can swift the useful order of the list: however their number is extremely limited, only 3%. The succession where effective candidates are being replaced accounts for 15% of the final amount of female MP's. As important is the combination of double mandates and cooptation.

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