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Issue 2-3, 2001 Expand all abstracts

Mark Deweerdt

Access_open Belgian politics in 2000

Authors Stefaan Fiers and Mark Deweerdt

Stefaan Fiers

Mark Deweerdt

Access_open Nieuwe wegen voor Europa?

De Europese Unie in het jaar 2000

Authors Bart Kerremans and Edith Drieskens

    During the past year, the European integration process steadily continued along familiar as well as less familiar paths. This contribution gives an overview of the core decisions made within the three pillars of the European construction in the year 2000. Although the vast majority of these decisions were closely linked to the approaching Eastern enlargement of the European Union, new avenues have been followed during the past year as well. The debate about the finality of the European integration process gained, by way ofspeeches of European leaders like Joschka Fischer, Jacques Chirac, Tony Blair and Guy Verhofstadt, fifty years after the Schuman declaration, a new momentum.

Bart Kerremans

Edith Drieskens

Mark Deweerdt

Editor Res Publica

Access_open De provincieraadsverkiezingen van 9 oktober 1994 en 8 oktober 2000

Authors Herwig Reynaert and Tony Valcke

Herwig Reynaert

Tony Valcke

Jo Noppe