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Vertegenwoordiging in vrouwelijk meervoud

Behartiging van vrouwenbelangen en 'vrouwelijke' vertegenwoordiging in het Vlaams Parlement, 1995-1999

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KAren Celis, "Vertegenwoordiging in vrouwelijk meervoud", Res Publica, 4, (2001):571-594

    In this contribution we confront the results ofa research on the Flemish Parliament (1995-1999) with two hypotheses regarding the request for more wamen in parliament. First, we ask whether female MPs do defend wamen's interests. The research indicates that taking care of women's interests was indeed part of the task of female MPs. Supported by other scholars, we argue that the actual and future role of male MPs in defending women's interests deserves further empirical investigation. Second, we focus on the often-assumed difference that female MPs would make regarding their role orientation. Although there were major similarities in the role orientations of female and male MPs, a number of relative differences were found with regard to representational style, priorities and conception of the relations between majority and minority.

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