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Kritische Theorie en Globalisering

Op weg naar een beter begrip van Multi-Level Governance

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Wouter De Vriendt, "Kritische Theorie en Globalisering", Res Publica, 4, (2001):617-638

    In this article, Multi-Level Governance (MLG) is problematized and treated as a dependent variable. It is argued that processes of globalisation shed considerable light on the development of MLG. In order to conceptualise 'globalisation', I turn myself to the field of International Political Economy, and more specifically neogramscian Critical Theory. Since Critical Theory seems to outline - above all - the distinctive political and policy aspects ofglobalisation, the approach gives way to the development of a causal link between globalisation and governance. The relevance of globalisation towards governance and MLG is further shown by elaborating on a particular level of governance: the subnational sphere of the city. I conclude that Critical Theory is indeed relevant in explaining globalisation and governance, and that its macro perspective may be used in conjunction with a more mesostyle, MLG approach.

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