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Bepalende factoren voor een succesvolle bevoegdheidsoverdracht

Een analyse van de overheveling van landbouw naar het Vlaams Gewest n.a.v. de vijfde staatshervorming

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Dieter Vanhee and Annie Hondeghem, "Bepalende factoren voor een succesvolle bevoegdheidsoverdracht", Res Publica, 4, (2010):453-482

    This paper analyzes the way the Flemish administration dealt with the competence transfer in the field of agriculture it experienced in 2001-2002. The main research question goes as follows: “Which factors have an impact on a successful competence transfer in the context of a state reform”. This research shows that the decision-making process has a negative impact on that success because of the difficulties the administration experiences with the translation of the vague political compromises in the law. On the other hand, there is evidence that the change management willingness and capacity of the ‘receiving’ Flemish and ‘losing’ federal administration have a positive influence on that success.

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