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Bijzondere buren

Lokaal bestuur en lokale verkiezingen in Nederland en Vlaanderen

Keywords The Netherlands, Flanders, Belgium, local government, local politics, elections
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Julien van Ostaaijen, "Bijzondere buren", Res Publica, 3, (2017):253-278

    Even though they are portrayed as culturally and mentally very different, the Dutch and the Flemish share a border, a part of their history, and their language. Little oversight has been provided regarding the similarities and differences in terms of their democratic and political institutions and their mode of operation. This is especially the case for the local level. With upcoming local elections in both the Netherlands and Flanders/Belgium, this article presents an oversight of similarities and differences regarding local government and local elections in both territories. The main conclusion is that there are differences and similarities in both the local institutional setting and government practice. In local government practice however, the differences stand out.

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