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Burgemeester (m/v) in de Lage Landen

Zelfde job? Zelfde rol? Zelfde vragen?

Keywords mayoralty, mayors, Flanders, Netherlands, institutional change, selection procedure
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Niels Karsten, Koenraad De Ceuninck and Herwig Reynaert, "Burgemeester (m/v) in de Lage Landen", Res Publica, 3, (2017):305-328

    This article compares the mayoralties of the Netherlands and Flanders, with a particular focus on the changes since 2010. The results show that the mayors of these two historically and culturally connected Low Countries form particularly homogeneous groups of people. This has not changed much over the last few years. The role and function of mayors in both Flanders and the Netherlands, however, have gradually changed substantially. In particular, both mayors’ responsibilities in the field of safety and security have increased. At the same time, the two mayoralties show considerable differences. The Flemish mayor has long been and still is a far more political figure than the Dutch mayor is. The Dutch mayoral office, however, is politicising, which has resulted in more debate about its role in local government than in Flanders. The comparison shows how the local political culture can strongly influence how public offices take shape.

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