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ECJ 4 May 2023, joined cases C-529/21-C-536/21 and C-732/21-C-738/21 (Glavna direktsia „Pozharna bezopasnost i zashtita na naselenieto“ (Travail de nuit)), Working Time

15 employees – v –Glavna direktsia ‘Pozharna bezopasnost i zashtita na naselenieto’ kam Ministerstvo na vatreshnite raboti, Bulgarian case

Keywords Working Time
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      The Working Time Directive also applies to public sector workers, such as firefighters, in so far as those workers carry out their activities under normal circumstances. Public sector workers may be subject to less favourable rules on night work than private sector workers, provided that the difference in treatment is based on an objective and reasonable criterion, i.e. relates to a permitted aim and is proportionate to that aim.

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