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Sir William Dale Annual Memorial Lecture: The Legal Orders of the European Union and of the Member States: Peculiarities and Influences in Drafting

Authors Jean-Claude Piris
Author's information

Jean-Claude Piris
Director-General, Legal Service, Council of the European Union. The views expressed in this lecture are the author's personal views and do not in any way commit the position of the Council of the European Union. The author thanks Mr Tito Gallas, Head of the Section of the Lawyer-Linguists of the Council's Legal Service, for his assistance. This lecture was delivered on 8 November 2004. It has been published in French under the title Union européenne: comment rédiger une législation de qualité dans 20 langues et pour 25 Etats membres, 121 Revue du droit public 457-491 (2005).

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