European Journal of Law Reform


A Critical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Grenada’s Legislative Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Keywords Grenada, legislative quality, effectiveness test, COVID-19 regulation, emergency laws
Authors Arya Redhead
Author's information

Arya Redhead
Arya Redhead, LLM (London) is a legislative drafting consultant and legal drafter within the Office of the Attorney-General in Grenada. Email:
  • Abstract

      The extent to which nations have been adequately equipped to deal with the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing fallout has been hotly contested, and the legislative responses of states have varied. This article aims to conduct an evidence-based assessment of how well Grenada’s legislative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic performed the objectives they set out to achieve, identifying any changes that occurred, the extent to which these changes were influenced by the legislation or by other non-legislative factors and the primary actors affected by these changes. This assessment features and tests Mousmouti’s criteria of legislative quality, collectively characterized as the ‘effectiveness test’, which evaluates legislative purpose, structure, content and results.

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