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Issue 4, 1994

Access to Data and the Conquest of Space

Other Legal Matters

Authors H.H. Almond

H.H. Almond

The Technical Basis for Regulating the Use of Nuclear Power Systems in Near-Earth Space

Other Legal Matters

Authors L. Anselmo, B. Bertotti and P. Farinella

L. Anselmo

B. Bertotti

P. Farinella

T. Brown

Legal Aspects of Mental and Physical Workload of Astronauts

Other Legal Matters

Authors A.A. Cocca

A.A. Cocca

S. Courteix

SETI Draft Second Protocol

Other Legal Matters

Authors M.M. Esquivel de Cocca

M.M. Esquivel de Cocca

O. Fernández-Brital

Y. Hashimoto

J. Heidmann

Verification of European Farm Subsidies by Satellite

Other Legal Matters

Authors M. Mejía-Kaiser

M. Mejía-Kaiser

The New Brazilian Space Agency (AEB): A Political and Legal Analysis

Other Legal Matters

Authors J. Monserrat Filho

J. Monserrat Filho

Space and the Environment: Public Perceptions and Policy Considerations

Other Legal Matters

Authors P.M. Sterns and L.I. Tennen

P.M. Sterns

L.I. Tennen

Space Debris and the United Nations: A Possible Modus Procedendi

Other Legal Matters

Authors A.D. Terekhov

A.D. Terekhov

New Challenges in International Orbital Debris Policy

Other Legal Matters

Authors R.A. Williamson and R. Obermann

R.A. Williamson

R. Obermann