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Issue 4, 1996

Paralysis by Phantom: Problems of the ITU Filing Procedures

Other Legal Matters

Authors F. Lyall

F. Lyall

M.K. Kantaatmadja

P.B. Larsen

C.Q. Christol

Space Debris: Discussions in the United Nations in 1996

Other Legal Matters

Authors L. Perek

L. Perek

A.A. Golrounia

M. Bahrami

Japanese Space Policy: Where Is She Going?

Other Legal Matters

Authors Y. Hashimoto

Y. Hashimoto

National Institutions Responsible for Space Activities: a Comparative Law Approach

Other Legal Matters

Authors M. Bourely and S. Courteix

M. Bourely

S. Courteix

G.L. Bennett

J. Ondrej

U. S. National Space Policy and Bilateral Launch Service Agreements

Other Legal Matters

Authors D. J. Burnett and D. Lihani

D. J. Burnett

D. Lihani

Tangible and Intangible Property in Outer Space

Other Legal Matters

Authors R. Oosterlinck

R. Oosterlinck