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Issue 5, 2008

Access_open The Moon Treaty in the 21st Century

Other Legal Matters

Authors A. Bini

A. Bini

P.B. Larsen

Access_open The Importance of the Rule of Law for Space Activities

Other Legal Matters

Authors S. Hobe

S. Hobe

Access_open Space Law Students Participation in Real Engineering Related Projects and Research

Other Legal Matters

Authors A. Monzón, A. Russu and H. Salvador

A. Monzón

A. Russu

H. Salvador

A. Froehlich

Access_open Network of European Regions using Space Technologies: An Update on the Nereus Constitution

Other Legal Matters

Authors M. Morelli and P. Campostrini

M. Morelli

P. Campostrini

Access_open Bilateral Legal Framework Agreements Governing International Cooperation in Outer Space

Other Legal Matters

Authors S. Mirmina and M.C. Wholley

S. Mirmina

M.C. Wholley

Access_open The Global Exploration Strategy: Legal Perspectives

Other Legal Matters

Authors C. Constant-Jorgenson and K.W. Abendschein

C. Constant-Jorgenson

K.W. Abendschein

Access_open 50 Years of Earth Observation from Space and Space Law

Other Legal Matters

Authors J. Monserrat Filho

J. Monserrat Filho

F. Tari

M. Schaefer

Access_open Alcantara Cyclone Space: A New Joint Venture in the Space Market

Other Legal Matters

Authors A.F. dos Santos

A.F. dos Santos

Access_open China's Space Activities Licensing Regime

Other Legal Matters

Authors X. Wu

X. Wu

T. Aganaba