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Issue 4, 2012

Prof.Dr. Maureen Williams
(CONICET / UBA) Chair, Space Law Committee, International Law Association.

Prof Carlo Golda
University of Genova, Italy, goldalaw@yahoo.it.

Dr. Stefano Lupo
Italy, lupo_stefano@hotmail.it.

Sarah Moens
Lawyer, Belgium, sarahmj.moens@gmail.com

Álvaro Fabricio dos Santos
Advocacy General of the Union (AGU), Brazilian Association for Aeronautic and Space Law (SBDA), São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, alvaro.santos@agu.gov.br.

Dr. Annette Froehlich LL.M., MAS
European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Schwarzenbergplatz 6, annette.froehlich@ espi.or.at.

Judicial Admissibility of Satellite Data/Evidence in Nigerian Courts

Authors Olusoji Nestor John, E. Eguaroje and G. Efron
Author's information

Olusoji Nestor John
Space Application Laboratory (South-West), National Space Research and Development Agency,Nigeria, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, nestero2003@yahoo.co.uk.

E. Eguaroje

G. Efron