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Issue 7, 2013

Access_open Report of the Roundtable

Authors Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon

Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon

Stephan Hobe

Space Applications for the Polar Regions – An Overview

Authors Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon and Jérome Bequignon
Author's information

Isabelle Duvaux-Béchon
European Space Agency (ESA), Paris, France, Isabelle.Duvaux-Bechon@esa.int.

Jérome Bequignon
European Space Agency, Bruxelles, Belgium, jerome.bequignon@esa.int.

Focus on Space Applications for Resource Management in the Polar Regions

Authors Lauren Small-Pennefather, Donald Ball and Dennis Nazarenko
Author's information

Lauren Small-Pennefather
Canadian Space Agency, Canada, Lauren.Small@asc-csa.gc.ca

Donald Ball
DB Geoservices Inc, Canada, don.ball@rogers.com

Dennis Nazarenko
Cardinalus Corporate Consulting Inc, Canada, dennis@cardinalus.com

Marine and Maritime Monitoring in the Arctic

Authors Bo Andersen and Birger Johansen
Author's information

Bo Andersen
Norwegian Space Centre (bo@spacecentre.no).

Birger Johansen
Norwegian Space Centre (bo@spacecentre.no).