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Issue 1, 2017

The Outer Space Treaty

Its First Fifty Years

Authors Peter Jankowitsch
Author's information

Peter Jankowitsch
President, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), former Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, and former Chairman, UNCOPUOS

Space Traffic Management

Top Priority for Safety Operations

Authors Claudiu Mihai Taiatu
Author's information

Claudiu Mihai Taiatu
Adv. LL.M. in Air and Space Law, Leiden University

Rebus sic stantibus and International Space Law

The Evolution of the Space Treaties in the Next Fifty Years

Authors Dimitra Stefoudi
Author's information

Dimitra Stefoudi
International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Legal Loophole or Just a Matter of Interpretation?

On the Outer Space Treaty’s Methodology Test with the Diversification of Space Activities

Authors Merve Erdem
Author's information

Merve Erdem
Department of International Law, Ankara University Faculty of Law, Cemal Gürsel Caddesi No: 58, 06590, Cebeci, Ankara, Turkey, erdemm@ankara.edu.tr

Éloi Petros
IDEST Université Paris-Sud, eloi.petros@idest-paris.org

Disarmament in Outer Space

Banning ASAT Weapons with Soft Law?

Authors Takuya Sugimura

Takuya Sugimura

Outer Space Treaty 1967 vs. 2017

A lex specialis or Derogation from Human Rights?

Authors Milan Mijovic
Author's information

Milan Mijovic
Law School, Union University, Belgrade, Serbian office for Space sciences, research and development, Belgrade, mijovic.milan@gmail.com

The Implementation of TCBMs in Outer Space Activities

From the OST Principles to the International Space Governance Action

Authors Valentina Nardone
Author's information

Valentina Nardone
Ph.D. in Public, Comparative and International Law, Sapienza University of Rome, valentina.nardone@uniroma1.it.

Huxiao Yang
Civil Aviation University of China

Chang Dai
Leiden University

Ideas for the Recent Development of Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities

From the Perspective of Active Space Debris Removal

Authors Jie Long
Author's information

Jie Long
Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, longjie@hku.hk.

Federico Bergamasco
PhD Researcher, Université du Luxembourg, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, Federico.bergamasco@uni.lu

The 45%

How Vague, Ambiguous, and Contradictory Language within the International Traffic in Arms Regulation Is Hindering the Development of Space Technology and International Cooperation in the United States

Authors Marshall Mckellar
Author's information

Marshall Mckellar
University of Mississippi School of Law, United States, marshallmckellarusa@gmail.com