International Institute of Space Law


A Study of the First Taiwan’s Space Law: Space Development Act

Keywords National Space Law, Space Development Act
Authors Feng-Tai Hwang
Author's information

Feng-Tai Hwang
National Space Organization, Hsinchu City, Taiwan.
  • Abstract

      In the end of 2019, a controversy over the launch of a sounding rocket by a domestic commercial company in Taiwan attracted the attention of many Taiwanese media and the public. Through this event, the public realized that Taiwan had no regulations related to space activities.
      As a response to this situation, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) drafted the “Space Development Act” (SDA). This SDA was passed by the Legislative Yuan on May 31 of 2021, marking an important milestone in the history of Taiwan’s space development.
      Through the SDA, Taiwan expresses its position of the space development based on principle of peaceful use to the world and demonstrates the government’s determination to promote the space industry to its citizens. This paper introduces the Taiwan’s space development, the background of the development of Taiwan’s national space law, as well as the contents of the SDA.

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