DOI: 10.5553/IISL/2022065007003

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The New Brazilian National Program of Space Activities – PNAE (2022-2031): What to expect

Keywords Space Law, Space Policy, PNAE

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    Pursuant to art. 1, III, of Law No. 8,854/1994, and Decree No. 1,332/1994, it is incumbent upon the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) to prepare, update, execute and enforce the Brazilian National Program of Space Activities (PNAE) and the respective physical and budgetary proposals. The Agency has recently approved the PNAE 2022- 2031, through the AEB Ordinance No. 756/2021. This working paper introduces the next decade’s PNAE and analyses its elements from a space law and policy perspective. It examines the evolution of the Brazilian national program and assesses how PNAE 2022-2031 is expected to orient national space activities, enabling and incentivizing investments in the space sector and in specific sets of activities in accordance with the State’s obligations under international space law and focusing on meeting the needs of the national society. The research methodology is bibliographical and documental, through qualitative analysis, and the historical and analytical methods are applied herein.

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