International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution


Comments and Content from Virtual International Online Dispute Resolution Forum

1-2 March 2021, Hosted by the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR)

Authors David Allen Larson, Noam Ebner, Jan Martinez, Amy Schmitz, Frank Fowlie, Larry Bridgesmith, Julie Sobowale, Clare Fowler, Michael Wolf, Chris Draper en Zbynek Loebl

David Allen Larson

Noam Ebner

Jan Martinez

Amy Schmitz

Frank Fowlie

Larry Bridgesmith

Julie Sobowale

Clare Fowler

Michael Wolf

Chris Draper

Zbynek Loebl
  • Abstract

      For the past 20 years, NCTDR has hosted a series of ODR Forums in locations around the world. For 2021, the Forum was held virtually, with live presentation over a web video platform, and recorded presentations available to participants. A full recording of the sessions can be found through The following items are narrative notes from some of the presentations:

      • David Allen Larson – ODR Accessibility

      • Noam Ebner – Human Touch

      • Jan Martinez & Amy Schmitz – ODR and Innovation

      • Frank Fowlie – Online Sport Dispute Resolution

      • Larry Bridgesmith – AI Introductory Notes

      • Julie Sobowale – AI and Systemic Bias

      • Clare Fowler – DEODRISE

      • Michael Wolf – ODR 2.0 System Design

      • Chris Draper – Algorithmic ODR

      • Zbynek Loebl – Open ODR

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