Zbynek Loebl
Zbynek Loebl is an ODR and internet lawyer; he works as Of Counsel of PRK Partners law firm, Czech Republic.

Davide Carneiro
Davide Carneiro is a Professor on Computer Science at the Polytechnic of Porto, and a researcher at the Center for Innovation and Research in Business Sciences and Information Systems (CIICESI).

Ciprian Ciubotariu
Ciprian Ciubotariu is an independent technology expert, with a long experience in creating large-scale systems.

Tereza Rezabkova
Tereza Rezabkova is student of Double degree in Laws and Business Administration at IE University in Madrid, Spain. She is working as law student at PRK Partners law firm, Czech Republic.
  • Abstract

      There are two critical assumptions for improving access to online justice: (i) effective control of data by those who generate the data; and (ii) symetric relation between the parties. Based on these critical assumptions, new approaches to e-justice ODR procedures and new AI based publicly available services should be adopted as well as new online technology. Not only the ODR institutions but even the parties, including people and importantly also persons with digital disadvantages, will have their own independent online platforms with their data storages, personalized ODR forms continuously improved by new AI-based services and asynchronous digital communication among platforms at a mass scale. Such platforms will be defined as VAPs (Virtual Agent Platforms). Thanks to the possibility for the parties to personalize their VAPs, it will be easier and more efficient to achieve diversity by design in access to online justice as the collaboration among users-data generators will provide a crucial asset.

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