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Access_open Burgerlijk procesrecht en ideologie

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2011
Keywords civil procedure, ideology, principles of procedural law
Authors Remme Verkerk
AbstractAuthor's information

    This contribution offers a partial explanation of the differences between procedural systems. In most jurisdictions, civil procedural regulations constitute a carefully designed system. Generally, a number of underlying principles, guidelines, theories and objectives can be identified that clarify and justify more specific rules of procedure. It will be argued that the main differences between legal systems flow from different political and theoretical views of those who determine and shape the form of the legal process. This contribution identifies the ideological influences on the rules of procedure in a number of influential jurisdictions.

Remme Verkerk
Remme Verkerk was Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University. Presently he practices law at Houthoff Buruma.

Access_open Paul Scholten en de 'rule of law'

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2004
Keywords rechtsstaat, echtscheiding, democratie, Europees hof voor de rechten van de mens, huwelijk, strafrecht, auteur, geschrift, geweld, idee
Authors W. Borst

W. Borst

Access_open De exceptie van openbare orde in het internationaal privaatrecht. Een juridisch middel om essentiƫle waardeconflicten op te lossen en fundamentele cultuurtegenstellingen te overbruggen

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2003
Keywords openbare orde, huwelijk, rechtspraak, contract, echtgenoot, echtgenote, kind, verdrag, echtscheiding, personen- en familierecht
Authors L. Willemarck

L. Willemarck

Access_open Importhuwelijken en overheidsbeleid

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2002
Keywords huwelijk, kind, betaling, grondrecht, ouders, onderwijs, profijtbeginsel, akkoord, auto, autonomie
Authors M. Trappenburg

M. Trappenburg
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