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Frank Emmert
John S. Grimes Professor of Law and Director of the Center for International and Comparative Law at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis. Some of the ideas and arguments contained in this paper have been developed earlier and in more detail in F. Emmert, Labor, Environmental Standards, and World Trade Law, 10 (1) University of California Davis Journal of International Law and Policy 75-167 (2003). Some footnotes are direct copies from that publication. I would like to thank my assistant, Ms. Sabrina Salewski, for her support in the preparation of the present manuscript. The usual disclaimer applies. Comments and suggestions may be sent to

Is the Abolishment of Privity Necessary in Modern Warranty Law?

A Comparative Analysis of the System in the US, the CISG, the European Union, and Germany

Journal European Journal of Law Reform, Issue 3-4 2005
Authors Sabrina Salewski
Author's information

Sabrina Salewski
Law student, University of Trier, Germany; LL.M. Program in American Law for Foreign Lawyers at Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis 2004/2005
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