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Irina Chernykh
Department of International Law, RUDN University.

Rebus sic stantibus and International Space Law

The Evolution of the Space Treaties in the Next Fifty Years

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2017
Authors Dimitra Stefoudi
Author's information

Dimitra Stefoudi
International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Olga A. Volynskaya
ROSCOSMOS, Russian Federation,

Pierfrancesco Breccia
PhD Student, Public, Administrative and International Law Doctorate, Sapienza University of Rome, P.le Aldo Moro 5, Rome,

Olga A. Volynskaya
ROSCOSMOS, the Russian Federation

Olga Volynskaya
Federal Space Agency, Russia

Frans G. von der Dunk
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Law, Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program

Olga Volynskaya
Russian Foreign Trade Academy, Russia,

Gennady Zhukov
Russian People’s Friendship University, Russia,

Olga Volynskaya
International Law Counsel, Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), Russia,

Recent Developments in Space Law: Agreement on International Space Station as Case Study

Joint IAF-IISL Session: "Legal Framework for Collaborative Human Space Missions"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 8 2010
Authors O.N. John

O.N. John

Inaugural Nandasiri Jasentuliyana Lecture: "The Law of Outer Space in the General Legal Field (Commonality and Particularities)"

Nandasiri Jasentuliyana Keynote Lecture on Space Law & 1st Young Scholars Session

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2009
Authors V.S. Vereshchetin

V.S. Vereshchetin

The Problem of Absolute Liability on the Moon

Third Party Liability Issues in Commercial Space Activities

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 3 2009
Authors G.P. Zhukov

G.P. Zhukov

J. Hong

J. Bonin

M. Mejia-Kaiser

M. Sundahl

C. Doldirina

C. Jorgenson

Space Law Teaching and Education: General Introduction and Overview

2007 IISL-ECSL Space Law Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 46th Session of the Legal Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS in Vienna, Austria: "Capacity Building in Space Law"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 7 2007
Authors G. Lafferranderie

G. Lafferranderie

Legal Status of Double-Uses Satellite Systems

Space Law at Times of Armed Conflict

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 5 2006
Authors G.P. Zhukov

G.P. Zhukov

M.J. Sundahl

P. Vorwig

S. Ospina

M. Mejia-Kaiser

K. Gable

R. Lee

T. Masson-Zwaan

Problem of Coordination the Use of National GNSS Systems

Legal Issues Related to New Developments in Space Applications: Navigation, Remote Sensing and GIS

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2005
Authors A. Kapustin and G. Zhukov

A. Kapustin

G. Zhukov
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