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Christopher Johnson
International Institute of Space Law, United Kingdom and United States of America,

Marco Ferrazzani
European Space Agency, ESA Legal Counsel and Head of Legal Department,

Prof. Dr. Lesley Jane Smith
Leuphana University of Luneburg/ Weber-Steinhaus & Smith, Bremen, Germany,,

Timiebi Aganaba
North-South Star Research Consultancy, Canada,

Nnamdi Obasi
Safer Africa Group, Nigeria,

Yu Takeuchi
JAXA, Japan,

Daisuke Saisho

Hideyuki Taguchi

Yoshiaki Kinoshita

Naoko Sugita Inaba

Tejal Thakore
Space Generation Advisory Council, UK,

Andrew Bacon
Systems Engineering and Assessment Ltd, UK,

Rong Du
The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,
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