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Jan-Hendrik Röver
LL.M. (London), Rechtsanwalt and Barrister, Visiting Fellow King's College London, Centre of European Law.

Ludger Radermacher
Fellow, Stanford Programme in International Legal Studies.

Ingeborg Schwenzer
Prof. Dr. iur., LL.M. (Berkeley), Professor of Private Law, University of Basle.

Franco Ferrari
Professor of Comparative Private Law, Bologna University School of Law; JD (Honours), Bologna University, Italy; LL.M., Augsburg University, Germany. The author gratefully acknowledges the help of Ms Elena Baccioli, JD Candidate, and Ms Beatrice Smith, JD Candidate, in preparing the English version of this text. Copyright Franco Ferrari.

Anton K. Schnyder

Ralf M. Straub

Ernst A. Kramer
Professor of Private Law, University of Basle.

Mark Pieth
University of Basel, Switzerland.

The Ethical Dimensions of Space Settlement

18th IAA-IISL Scientific-Legal Roundtable in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1999: "Protection of the Space Environment"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 5 1999
Authors M.J. Fogg

M.J. Fogg
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