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Jacqueline Gray
PhD candidate, UCERF, Utrecht Universiteit.

Talia Einhorn
Professor of Law at Ariel University Center and Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Management.

Adrien Gabellon lic. iur.
Research Assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Christiana Fountoulakis
University of Fribourg, Switzerland

    Edwin Nijhof, book review of Roland Pierik en Wouter Werner, Cosmopolitanism in Context

Edwin Nijhof
Edwin Nijhof has earned degrees in the studies of both law and philosophy at Leiden University.
Book Review

Access_open Jon Elster, Reason and Rationality

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2009
Keywords methodic individualism, choice theory
Authors Dr. mr. Bertjan Wolthuis
AbstractAuthor's information

    Bertjan Wolthuis, book review of Jon Elster, Reason and Rationality, translated by Steven Rendall. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2009

Dr. mr. Bertjan Wolthuis
Bertjan Wolthuis is assistant professor at the Department of Legal Philosophy, VU University Amsterdam.
Book Review

Access_open Martha Nussbaum, Frontiers of Justice. Disability, Nationality, Species Membership, Cambridge, Mass. & London,

England: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2006, 487 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2007
Keywords dier, claim, gehandicapte, aansprakelijkheid, merk, slachtoffer, vertegenwoordiging, amendement, armoede, bandbreedte
Authors W. Veraart

W. Veraart
Book Review

Access_open Taco Groenewegen, Wetsinterpretatie en rechtsvorming (diss. UvA).

Den Haag: Boom Juridische uitgevers 2006, 234 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2007
Keywords tekortkoming, uitleg, claim, voorrang, wettekst
Authors C. Smith

C. Smith
Book Review

Access_open Joke Klein Kranenberg, Authority and Interpretation (diss. Tilburg)

Santiago (Chili): LOM Ediciones Ltda 1999, 144 p.

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2003
Authors P. De Hert

P. De Hert

M. Blois
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