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Ingeborg Schwenzer
This article was published previously in K. Boele-Woelki (Ed.), Perspectives for the Unification and Harmonisation of Family Law in Europe, European Family Law series No. 4, 143-158 (2003) and is reprinted with minor editorial modifications with kind permission of the publisher Intersentia-Antwerp. The author is Professor of Private Law, University of Basel Law School. The author is grateful to Professor Dr. h.c. Carol Bruch (University of California, Davis, US) for a critical reading of the manuscript as well as to lic. iur. Michelle Cottier MA (Basel) for her valuable research assistance.

Boštjan M. Zupančič
Boštjan M. Zupančič, dipl.iur. (Lab.), LL.M., S.J.D. (Harv.), Professor of Law (US and Slovenia), former Justice of the Constitutional Court of Slovenia, former Vice-Chair of the UN Committee against Torture, President of the Third Section of the European Court of Human Rights. E-mail:

Christie Bodnar Swiss
B.B.A. University of Notre Dame, 2002; M.A. Bryn Mawr College, 2003; J.D. candidate Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, 2006.

Jürg Martin Gabriel
Professor (em.), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland.
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