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    White a generally acknowledged definition of «right» and «extreme right» does not exist, an external definition was accepted, departing from what the most important authors accepted as being «right and extreme right wing groups» in Belgium. In Flandern the most important ones situate themselves within the «Flemish Movement», although being a small part of this Movement. These groupings are classified into three categories: groups oriented towards the Flemish-Nationalistic past, students- and youth-organizations, and the recently activist groups. In Brussels and Wallonia two initiatives delineate this political field: Le Nouvel Europe Magazine, a well distributed monthly magazine, and the Front de la Jeunesse, initially founded as the youth organization of the magazine. The relevance of these rather small groups must be seen on two levels: that of the global Belgian political context, and on the level of the political Flemish Movement. To analyse strictly the amount of that influence needs more than a systematic review of the groupings that operate on this specific political field in Belgium last year.

Peter Verlinden

De partijenstaat in de Westeuropese polyarchie

een proeve tot meting

Journal Res Publica, Issue 1 1981
Authors Wilfried Dewachter

    The political debate in Western polyarchies readily points to a «Parteienstaat», «particrazia», or particracy. Empirical verification, however, is by far more difficult to carry out, though it is a descriptive necessity for further analysis of this phenomenon. An initial attempt to detect the particraties in Western Europe has been performed and revealed two particracies: Belgium and Italy. Other polyarchies have either the cabinet or the president as the most influential actor, an,d some seem to have a real concurrence of approximately equivalent actors. The reliability of this first attempt, however, must be improved.

Wilfried Dewachter
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