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La rénovation du Parlement

Journal Res Publica, Issue 2 1989
Authors Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb

    Although there is a consensus about the representative parliamentary system throughout Europe, it is in a state of crisis. To renovate Parliament means to restore the essential functions of that institution: budgetary power, legislative action and control of the government. In the field of budget a reform to institute a general budget on expenditure and to impose stricter rules on the funds as well as a very tight budgetary schedule for the government, beside the budget on revenues, was passed by the House at the end of March 1989. In the legislative sphere new approaches should be considered so as to enable Parliament to reduce the complexity of the legislation, to correct badly written texts and to get rid altogether of superfluous texts. The citizens' rights can only be fully safeguarded by a well functioning legislative assembly. A rationalisation of the control on governmental action is necessary in the field of parliamentary commissions and particularly the commissions of enquiry, petitions and the scrutiny of State expenditure. To conclude it should be noted that the renovation of Parliament must go hand in hand with better relations with the common citizen.

Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb

Centralisation et décentralisation en Europe de l'Ouest

esquisse d'une problématique

Journal Res Publica, Issue 1 1989
Authors Daniel-Louis Seiler

    The aim of this tentative article is to bring some further empirical evidence in order to validate Stein Rokkan's "Conceptual Map of Europe". Therefore a set of variables are suggested: territorial-cultural (monocephalic unitarism with two possible ways the hegemonie and the authoritarian and polycephalic) and territorial-economic (metropolitan, triangles and conurbations, and polycephalism). Some indicators are proposed to provide some measurement of the variables, such as Beaufays Federalism scale or a new Mediatie centralization scale.

Daniel-Louis Seiler
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