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Ingeborg Schwenzer
This article was published previously in K. Boele-Woelki (Ed.), Perspectives for the Unification and Harmonisation of Family Law in Europe, European Family Law series No. 4, 143-158 (2003) and is reprinted with minor editorial modifications with kind permission of the publisher Intersentia-Antwerp. The author is Professor of Private Law, University of Basel Law School. The author is grateful to Professor Dr. h.c. Carol Bruch (University of California, Davis, US) for a critical reading of the manuscript as well as to lic. iur. Michelle Cottier MA (Basel) for her valuable research assistance.

Singapore as a Delta for Space Law in the Asia-Pacific

New Developments in National Space Legislation

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2004
Authors G.M. Goh

G.M. Goh
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