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Joseph G. Kobba
MA Student, Institute of Advanced legal Studies, University of London, 2007.

Giancarlo Dr. Panagia
SJD Candidate, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis

Ester Herlin-Karnell
Somerville College, University of Oxford. I would like to thank Stephen Weatherill and the anonymous reviewers of this journal for very helpful comments on this paper. The usual disclaimer applies. This paper was completed in March 2008.

Weaponization of Outer Space and Impact on Peaceful Uses

Weaponisation of Outer Space in the Light of the Outer Space Treaty

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 3 2008
Authors V. Gopala Krishnan, S. Murthi and M.Y.S. Prasad

V. Gopala Krishnan

S. Murthi

M.Y.S. Prasad

M. Williams

G.M. Goh
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