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Access_open Rechtsbeginselen en positivisme!?

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 1 2009
Keywords rechtsbeginselen, rechtspositivisme, Brouwer, Dworkin, soft positivism
Authors Arend Soeteman
AbstractAuthor's information

    In this contribution I argue that Brouwer’s legal positivism suffers from an internal tension that is not easily solved. This tension stems from the combination of two strands in Brouwer’s thought. The first is that Brouwer wants to stick to the legal positivist view that the law is fixed by convention. The second is that there can be exceptions to the application of legal rules, based on legal principles. The combination of these two strands is, I argue, problematic, because the conventional basis for legal principles will usually be lacking in hard cases. One may then argue, as Brouwer does, that where conventions are lacking there is no law and the judge is not bound by the law. But then exceptions to rules are also allowed where there are no conventional principles to justify these exceptions. This contradicts Brouwer’s starting point that exceptions to the application of rules are possible on the basis of legal principles.

Arend Soeteman
Arend Soeteman is hoogleraar Encyclopedie en Rechtsfilosofie aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Access_open Over de rechtstheorie van de Farizeeën: Een interview met Roberto Mangabeira Unger

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2007
Keywords kind, interest, service, character, contract, E-business, geboorte, grootvader, making, minister van buitenlandse zaken
Authors P. Westerman

P. Westerman
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