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Access_open Verslag van het IVR World Congres in Lund

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 2 2003
Keywords transparantie, aandeel, auteur, belofte, claim, film, hulpmiddel, idee, kind, legitimiteit
Authors G. Kor

G. Kor

Some Remarks to General Clauses of Treaty Space Law

Space Treaties, Law and Policies and Telecommunication Issues

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 2 2003
Authors G. Gál

G. Gál

X. Mo

L.M. Covert

V. Kopal

The UNIDROIT Registration of Security Interests and the Registration Convention: Compatible/Complementary, or Contradictory?

2003 IISL-ECSL Space Law Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 42nd Session of the Legal Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS in Vienna, Austria: "Reinforcing the Registration Convention"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 7 2003
Authors S. Ospina

S. Ospina
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