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Saloni Kantaria
Graduate of the University of Sydney Law School. I would like to thank Professor Helen Irving of Sydney University Law School and Professor Frank Emmert for their advice and guidance in the preparation of this paper.

Frank Bates
Professor of Law, University of Newcastle (NSW). Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars, Sheffield, September 2004.

The Post-Human Era: A Time to Reduce Barriers to Intra-Professional Dialogue and Apply More Effective Policy Response

International Law and Practice of Agreements on Cooperation Regarding Space Activities

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 2 2004
Authors L.M. Covert

L.M. Covert

J. Ryzenko

"When Sputnik Orbits Geneva": Legal Reflections on WTO Governance in Respect of Commercial Space Activities

Legal Issues Relating to Private Enterprise, Property Rights, and Space Applications

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 4 2004
Authors S.G. Sreejith

S.G. Sreejith

F. Lyall
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