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Lord President of the Court of Sessions and Lord-Justice General of Scotland, 1989 to 1996; Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, 1996 to present.

Michelle Bogre

David Brandon McGinty
Managing Director, Law In Print, LLC

State Street,, and the Proposal for an EU Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions

- A Comparison of Software Patentability in the United States and the European Union -

Journal European Journal of Law Reform, Issue 3-4 2003
Authors Michael Tegethoff
Author's information

Michael Tegethoff
1st State Examination in Law, University of Düsseldorf (2001); LL.M., University of Edinburgh (2002). Mr. Tegethoff is a Ph.D. researcher at Düsseldorf University. He is a member of the CSP Network for International Politics and Co-operation. The author is grateful to Ross G. Anderson and Amy C. Kilmer for their comments on an earlier draft of this essay. All remaining mistakes, however, are exclusively those of the author.

Timothy Sir Garden
Professor Sir Timothy Garden is a former British 3 star air force officer, who is now at the Centre for Defence Studies in London. He has been teaching at Indiana University, Bloomington, as the 2004 Wells Professor.

Bruno Frey
Institute for Empirical Economic Research, University of Zurich, Blümlisalpstrasse 10, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland. Tel: ++41-1-634 37 30/31; Fax: ++41-1-634 49 07; E-mail: I am grateful for helpful comments to Reiner Eichenberger and Reto Jegen.

Cooperation, Conflict and Competition in Space Law

Legal Aspects of Applications and Private Space Activities

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2003
Authors J.F. Galloway

J.F. Galloway

The Process of Change in International Space Law Politics

Space Treaties, Law and Policies and Telecommunication Issues

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 2 2003
Authors E.E. Weeks

E.E. Weeks

Export Controls and Satellite Launches: What's New?

Space Law and International Security

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 3 2003
Authors H.P. van Fenema

H.P. van Fenema

L. Viikari

P. Achilleas

M. Mejia-Kaiser

L. Covert

U. Bohlmann

G. Goh

Introduction, Problem and Finalists Briefs

12th Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, 2003: Case Concerning the Mineral Exploitation of Boznemcova and Related Incidents (Vesta v. Ceres)

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 8 2003
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