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Elsabe Klinck
Ms Elsabe Klinck, South African Medical Association, Kingshighway 428, Lynwoodridge, Pretoria, South Africa. Formerly Senior Lecturer, Centre for Human Rights Studies, Faculty of Law, Free State University, South Africa.

Benjamin J. Richardson
School of Law, University of Manchester, UK.

Project 2001: Final Results of the Working Group Launch and Associated Services

Emerging Issues of Interpretation and Application of Space Treaties

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2001
Authors P.S. Makiol

P.S. Makiol

Space Debris, A Status Review and Future Implications

Other Legal Issues

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 4 2001
Authors M. Bahrami and A.A. Golrounia

M. Bahrami

A.A. Golrounia

Legal Constituencies and Economic Efficiencies of Space Solar Power (SSP): A Joint Japanese And American Perspective

19th IAA-IISL Scientific-Legal Roundtable in Toulouse, France, 2001: "Scientific and Legal Implications of Establishing Solar Power Systems on the Geostationary Orbit"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 5 2001
Authors A.C. Charania and Y. Takaya

A.C. Charania

Y. Takaya
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