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Federico Ferretti
Avvocato and Lecturer, Brunel Law School, Brunel University, UK.

Giancarlo Dr. Panagia
SJD Candidate, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis

Bifurcation of Spaceport Regulation Within the United States

The 40th Anniversary of the Rescue Agreement: Looking Ahead

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 2 2008
Authors L. Tennen and P.M. Sterns

L. Tennen

P.M. Sterns

The Global Exploration Strategy: Legal Perspectives

Other Legal Matters

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 5 2008
Authors C. Constant-Jorgenson and K.W. Abendschein

C. Constant-Jorgenson

K.W. Abendschein

M. Schaefer

A. Froehlich
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