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Jean-Claude Piris
Director-General, Legal Service, Council of the European Union. The views expressed in this lecture are the author's personal views and do not in any way commit the position of the Council of the European Union. The author thanks Mr Tito Gallas, Head of the Section of the Lawyer-Linguists of the Council's Legal Service, for his assistance. This lecture was delivered on 8 November 2004. It has been published in French under the title Union européenne: comment rédiger une législation de qualité dans 20 langues et pour 25 Etats membres, 121 Revue du droit public 457-491 (2005).

Ulrich Karpen
Prof. Dr. iur. Universitätsprofessor at the Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Frank Bates
Professor of Law, University of Newcastle (NSW). Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars, Sheffield, September 2004.

S. Kyleen Nash
J.D., 2005, Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis; B.S., Interdisciplinary Social Science, Michigan State University, 2001.

Mark Joób
Institut für Rechtsphilosophie, University of Graz, Austria. Mark Joób is Swiss participant in the research training network “Applied Global Justice” of the European Union (HPRN-CT-200200231)

Véronique Zanetti
Professor at the Fakultät für Geschichtswissenschaft, Philosophie und Theologie, Abteilung Philosophie, Universität Bielefeld. A first, slightly different, version has appeared in A. Follesdal & Th. Pogge (Eds.), Real World Justice 199-214 (2005).

Mario G. Losano

Access_open Ideals and values in law. A comment on 'The Importance of Ideals'

Journal Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, Issue 3 2004
Keywords claim, model, rechtsstaat, concern, kind, leasing, character, contract, milieurecht, modellenrecht
Authors R. Cotterrell

R. Cotterrell

Singapore as a Delta for Space Law in the Asia-Pacific

New Developments in National Space Legislation

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 1 2004
Authors G.M. Goh

G.M. Goh

The Co-Operation of ESA and EU and the Relationship of their Legal Regimes

The Co-Operation of ESA and EU and the Relationship of their Legal Regimes

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 2 2004
Authors K. Kunzmann and J. Cloppenburg

K. Kunzmann

J. Cloppenburg

M. Gerhard

K.-U. Schrogl

Obstacles on the Way to a General Convention

A General Convention on Space Law?

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 3 2004
Authors M. Lytje

M. Lytje

International Law and Peaceful Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space

Other Legal Matters: Telecommunications, NPS, and Military Implications

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 5 2004
Authors N.R. Malysheva and O.B. Chebotaryov

N.R. Malysheva

O.B. Chebotaryov

ILA Resolution 1/2002 with Regard to the Common Heritage of Mankind Principle in the Moon Agreement

2004 IISL-ECSL Space Law Symposium Held on the Occasion of the 43rd Session of the Legal Subcommittee of UNCOPUOS in Vienna, Austria: "New Developments and the Legal Framework Covering the Exploitation of the Resources of the Moon"

Journal International Institute of Space Law, Issue 7 2004
Authors S. Hobe

S. Hobe

P. Salin

M. Ejova

A.A. Golrounia

K. Weidaw

M. Mejia-Kaiser
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